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1st International CRA Conference

1st International CRA Conference

Monday October 29 and Tuesday October 30 2012, University of Tilburg

GGZ Welzijn
GGZ Welzijn
Tilburg, Noord-Brabant
The 1st International CRA Conference is CANCELLED.

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General information

1st International CRA Conference - The CRA Family of Evidence Based Interventions on Addictions: treatment, success and sustainability

Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is one of the most strongly supported addiction treatment methods in terms of evidence of efficacy. Although CRA is considered one of the most effective treatment methods, it has been rarely implemented in the clinical routine practice. While it has been in the literature for almost 40 years, it is still relatively unknown and an underutilized evidence based protocol among substance abuse treatment professionals. This is an important reason that several Addiction Health Care Institutes jointly organize an international conference to support the knowledge and efforts to implement CRA.

In addition, due to innovations in the last 10-15 years, novel adaptations of the CRA protocol have become available, targeting specific populations. It has been supported in every clinical trial in which it has been tested, including homeless, adults, homeless adolescents and adolescent marijuana abusers; adolescents by means of Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (ACRA) and family members by means of the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). CRAFT is a highly effective method for helping families to engage a loved one in treatment. These new protocols have been extensively subject of research and it has been shown that these interventions are highly effective and evidence based as well. In the last years, ACRA, CRA and CRAFT increasingly found its way beyond the border of the United States and have been adopted by several other countries including, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Brazil and several countries in Europe (mainly Germany, England, Ireland, Wales and The Netherlands). Several groups in these countries are currently trained working with these protocols.

About this conference
This conference is aimed at bringing together these trained international groups to share the individual and accumulated knowledge in the CRA family of treatments. To do so, two large treatment institutes in the Netherlands, Novadic-Kentron and IrisZorg, have decided to bring this accumulated expertise together in order to stimulate research and a successfully implementation of ACRA, CRA, and CRAFT in the Western World. In conjunction with publisher Springer Media, TRANZO at the University of Tilburg, and the PAOS funds were able to make this conference happen. 
Monday October 29 and Tuesday October 30, 2012
Conference Venue
All conference sessions will be held at the University of Tilburg, which is located in Tilburg in The Netherlands.
Tilburg is located nearby Eindhoven airport and it is just about 60 minutes away from the conference venue with public transportation. For more information on Tilburg, including an updated weather forecast and events calendar to visit museums, cinemas, and theatre, coinciding with your trip, please visit the Tilburg website or Wikipedia.

Hotel accommodation
The conference hotel where speakers will be accommodated is the Mercure Hotel, located in the centre of Tilburg and about 4 kilometers away from the conference venue. 
Congress fee
The costs for attending the 1st International CRA Conference will be € 279,62 (including 21% VAT) for one day, for both days the costs will be € 405,71 (including 21% VAT). The conference fee is including coffee, tea, lunches and conference materials. Hotel nights, dinners and public transportation tickets are not included. These prices have been adjusted in connection with VAT increase to 21% for meetings that occur on or after 1 October 2012.

You can register for this conference at this website, click on the pink button "Inschrijven" at the top or bottom of this page. After submission of your online registration form, your will receive a confirmationletter by post and an invoice seperatly (from Springer Media). About two weeks before the conference you will receive more information about the program and your sessions.

Cancellations will only be honored in writing. For cancellations before October 15 2012 we will charge you € 50,- administration costs. After October 15 2012 we are not able to restitute. A substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. In this case please inform us by email.

Conference office
Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (part of Springer Media)
Courses & Congresses
T: +31 30 638 36 38
E: congressen@bsl.nl





This conference is meant for

We welcome professionals who are active within the addiction and (forensic) mental health care, such as clinical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, but also policy makers, social partners, and stake holders.

Keynote Speakers

  Susan H. Godley (US)
  Mark D. Godley (US)
  Robert J. Meyers (US)



Anneleen Kraan (NL)
Boukje Dijkstra (NL)
Brid Walsh (IRL)
Cora Rutten (NL)
Don Olthof (NL)
Eoin Coughlan (IRL)
Erik Bulten (NL)
Gerdien de Weert (NL)
Gilbert Thomas (NL)
Greg Purvis (CAN)
Hendrik Roozen (NL)
Henk Garretsen (NL)
Irene Dijkman (NL)
Jeff Foote (US)
Jennifer Corvalan-Wood (US)
Juliane Allan (AUS)
Karen Mertig (US)
Laura de Fuentes (NL)
Lilas Rajaee (US)
Marius Nabuurs (NL)
Marja Abbenhuis (NL)
Mark Morgan (IRL)
Markus Stuppe (D)
Martin Reker (D)
Naoka Takiguchi (JAP)
Noortje van den Nieuwenhuizen (NL)
Pauline Mc Keown (IRL)
Pedro Daniel Katz (BRA)
Peter Greeven (NL)
Pieter de Vries (NL)
Rinske Lycklama à Nijeholt (NL)
Roberto Secades-Villa (ES)
Roel Hermanides (NL)
Saburo Watanabe (JAP)
Wouter Vanderplasschen (B)


This international program, with presenters from various countries is meant for professionals in research and clinical practice in the treatment of substance relateddisorders. Based on experience and insight from various scientific disciplines, this conference will set the stage for the scientific discussion about variations and adaptations of ACRA, CRA, and CRAFT. During the program the connection will be made between research and clinical practice. The spoken language at this conference is English.  

Keynote Speakers

1. Robert J. Meyers (US) presenting: The Evolution of CRA
2. Susan H. Godley (US) presenting: Implementation Findings from a Large-Scale Dissemination of A-CRA in the U.S., Brazil, and Canada
3. Mark D. Godley (US) presenting: Gender and Race, Change Mechanisms, and Forensic Findings from a large scale dissemination of A-CRA

Monday October 29 2012

09.30hrs   Welcome and introduction by chair organizing institute IrisZorg: Don Olthof (NL)
09.45hrs   The Evolution of CRA by Bob Meyers (US)
10.45hrs   BREAK
11.00hrs   Parallel sessions round 1:
1. CRA/FT Implementation
Martin Reker (D) & Markus Stuppe (D) & Peter Greeven (NL)
Chair: Peter Greeven (NL)
2. CRA/FT Combining Therapy & Research
Henk Garretsen (NL) & Hendrik Roozen (NL)
Chair: Hendrik Roozen (NL)
3. CRA/FT in Forensics
Marja Abbenhuis (NL) & Irene Dijkman (NL)
Chair: Erik Bulten (NL)
12.15hrs   LUNCHBREAK
13.13hrs   Parallel sessions round 2:
4. CRA/FT Coding & sustainability
Karen Mertig (US) & Bob Meyers (US)
Chair: Hendrik Roozen (NL)
5. CRA & Contingency Management
Roberto Secades-Villa (ES), Wouter Vanderplasschen (B) & Laura de Fuentes (NL)
Chair: Laura de Fuentes (NL)
6. CRAFT Implementation
Naoka Takiguchi (JAP) & Saburo Watanabe (JAP)
Chair: Cora Rutten (NL)
14.30hrs   BREAK
15.00hrs   Parallel sessions round 3:
7. CRA/FT Implementation
Juliane Allan (AUS) & Pedro Daniel Katz (BRA)
Chair: Hendrik Roozen (NL)
8. CRA/FT in Forensics
Lilas Rajaee (US) & Jennifer Corvalan-Wood (US)
Chair: Peter Greeven (NL)
9. CRA in a modern Therapeutic Community
Eoin Coughlan (IRL) & Pauline Mc Keown (IRL)
Chair: Cora Rutten (NL)
16.15hrs   BREAK
16.30hrs   Gender and Race, Change Mechanisms, and Forensic Findings from a large scale dissemination of A-CRA by Mark Godley (US)
17.15hrs   Closing by chair organizing institute IrisZorg: Don Olthof (NL)
17.30hrs   END & DRINKS













Tuesday October 30 2012

09.30hrs   Welcome and introduction by chair organizing institute Novadic-Kentron: Roel Hermanides (NL)
09.45hrs   CRA/FT: What does the evidence say? by Hendrik Roozen (NL)
10.30hrs   Implementation: Findings of A-CRA in the u.s., Brazil and Canada by Susan H. Godley (US)
11.15hrs   BREAK
11.45hrs   CRAFT: A pilot comparison of group and self-directed delivery by Bob Meyers (US)
12.30hrs   LUNCHBREAK
13.30hrs   Parallel session round 4:
10. CRA in FACT
Pieter de Vries (NL) & Gilbert Thomas (NL)
Chair: Hendrik Roozen (NL)
11. CRA Monitoring
Boukje Dijkstra (NL) & Gerdien de Weert (NL) & Noortje van den Nieuwenhuizen (NL)
Chair: Peter Greeven (NL)
12. CRA/FT Implementation
Jeff Foote (US) & Cora Rutten (NL)
Chair: Cora Rutten (NL)
14.45hrs   BREAK
15.15hrs   Parallel session round 5:
13. CRA/FT Implementation
Brid Walsh (IRL) & Mark Morgan (IRL)
Chair: Peter Greeven (NL)
14. CRA procedures
Greg Purvis (CAN) & Anneleen Kraan (NL)
Chair: Hendrik Roozen (NL)
15. ACRA implementation
Rinske Lycklama à Nijeholt (NL) & Marius Nabuurs (NL)
Chair: Cora Rutten (NL)
16.30hrs   Round table moderated by Bob Meyers (US): invited are Jeff Foote (US), Brid Walsh (IRL), Greg Purvis (CAN)
17.15hrs   Closing by chair organizing institute novadic-Kentron: Roel Hermanides (NL)
17.30hrs   END & DRINKS













For Dutch participants accreditation is requested at the following Dutch society‘s:

  • NIP
  • VGCt
  • FGzP
  • NVvP